Boston University Computer Science Class of 2008

GPA: 3.59 in Computer Science, 3.51 overall; Cum Laude

Earned both my Master's and Bachelor's degrees simultaneously in just 4 years.

These links contain files from problem sets assigned in the various courses I've taken at Boston University. Unfortunately, I don't have the original assignment files for the vast majority of the problem sets, so they will be out of context. However, many files here contain code, it shouldn't be difficult to extrapolate the corresponding assignment.

CS111 - Introduction to Computer Science I Wayne Snyder
CS112 - Introduction to Computer Science II Wayne Snyder
CS210 - Computer Systems Richard West
CS320 - Concepts of Programming Languages Mark Crovella
CS330 - Analysis of Algorithms Leo Reyzin
CS332 - Theory of Computation Leonid Levin
CS350 - Fundamentals of Computing Systems Azer Bestavros
CS411 - Software Engineering John Keklak
CS460 - Databases Ravi Kothuri (Oracle)
CS511 - Object Oriented Software Principles Assaf Kfoury
CS530 - Advanced Analysis of Algorithms Steven Homer
CS538 - Fundamentals of Cryptography Leo Reyzin / Shanghua Teng
CS549 - Pattern Matching Gary Benson
CS552 - Operating Systems Richard West
CS558 - Network Security Gene Itkis
CS585 - Computer Vision Margrit Betke
CS640 - Artificial Intelligence Margrit Betke
CS655 - Advanced Networking Ibrahim Matta
CS900 - Directed Study / Master's Project Stan Sclaroff